About ARCC Energy Group and New Energy Lighting Technologies


New Energy Innovations, LLC was founded in 2013 as a joint venture between New Energy Lighting Technologies, LLC and ARCC Energy Group, LLC of Warwick, New York. The mission of the joint venture is to offer an ever expanding variety of energy efficiency products and services to municipal, commercial and residential customers.

Optimization in energy delivery systems, upgrades in renewable energy technologies, an educated market bolstered by state and federal government incentives, have provided an unprecedented opportunity for municipalities and commercial businesses to lower utility costs thereby permitting reduction or re-allocation of fiscal resources.

ARCC helps to promote the best possible quality of life for our American Veterans, those with Special Needs, and Seniors through affordable housing, and encourage a life of dignity for all.

ARCC’s Mission and Goals

The combined experience of our partners brings over half a century of expertise in business development in the fields of real estate development (commercial and industrial buildings), design built projects, modular housing, financial consulting, marketing, budgeting and business expansions.

Our collective know-how also includes townhouses, condos, single family residences, gentleman horse farms, and construction management services for both commercial and industrial projects.

ARCC goals are humanitarian in nature. We are building a sustainable charitable organization working towards equality of life for all people.
Work in collaboration with our funding partners to insure the success of our neighborhood projects.
Oversee and maintain our properties to reflect the best community life available.
Obtain multiple grants to support the realization of our affordable hosing project.
Continue partnering with any and all similarly committed organizations to obtain our goals.
Reduce the abandoned housing, homelessness, poverty and crime problems in the areas in which we do business.
Promote and encourage charitable donations to support our area of interest.

Service Capabilities

Real Estate Development 90
Commercial Buildings 95
Mixed Use Properties 85
Apartment Complexes 75
Single Family Development 70
Project Management Services 62
Project Management Foreclosure Services 55
Two Family Development Projects for Urban & Suburban Environments 45