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Full-Spectrum LED vs. Fluorescent Lighting

Lighting research has contributed much to our understanding of the biological benefits of light on human health and behavior. Just Google “light and health” or “full-spectrum light” and the results will overwhelm as well as often reference Dr. John Ott* …the father of full-spectrum light. The [...]

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Beneficial Lighting Therapies

Enlightened Schools: “Smart Lights = Smart Kids” Studies show that lighting in schools can dramatically affect children’s health and their ability to learn. People spend over 90% of their time indoors with children spending up to 40 hours per week in school buildings. Much of this [...]

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LED Street Lighting

LED street light Aerolite LSL®45 | 60 is designed for urban roads, collector roads, high speed traffic roads, junctions, parking lots, more demanding industrial buildings or any other situation where a light of 0.75 cd/m2 is demanded and required (ME4 road category according to EN 13201). [...]

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