a_appleLighting research has contributed much to our understanding of the biological benefits of light on human health and behavior. Just Google “light and health” or “full-spectrum light” and the results will overwhelm as well as often reference Dr. John Ott* …the father of full-spectrum light. The following referenced researchers, for this very brief presentation, represent a small collection from the many light researchers that have observed biological benefits in full-spectrum lighted and ‘Daylighting’ classrooms.

In 1980, Dr. Fritz Hollowich, Professor Emeritus, Department of Ophthalmology at the University of Munster, conducted a study comparing the effects of sitting under strong artificial cool-white (non-full spectrum) illumination versus the effects of sitting under strong artificial illumination that simulates sunlight (full-spectrum). Using changes in the endocrine system to evaluate these effects, he found stress like levels of ACTH and cortisol (the stress hormones) in individuals in sitting under the cool-white tubes.