ARCC can provide clients with a comprehensive Engineering Analysis and Evaluation of current power usage and the difference that an installation of LED technology (or wind power projects) would make to the facility, including the savings in power usage and decrease in cost.

ARCC Energy Group and New Energy Lighting Technologies, LLC are among the early entrants in the race to bring environmentally superior LED lights to the United States. In February 2010, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) released a report of the energy savings potential of LED lighting entitled Energy Savings Potential of Solid-State Lighting in General Illuminating Applications: 2010 to 2030. Using an econometric model of the US lighting market, the findings of the DOE report included:

• 7% of US electricity is used in lighting at a cost of over $40 Billion annually;
• The most significant energy savings would be realized from the displacement of fluorescent lamps by LED lighting in the commercial sector;
• By the broad adoption of LED lighting, by 2030, about 190 terawatt-hours of electricity would be saved annually, the equivalent of the per capita energy consumption of almost 6 million people, or the equivalent of 342 million barrels of oil or about 33 days of imported oil to the US

Sample Engineering Analysis

Engineering Analysis